North Cypress Fitness has some of the best trained professionals and Group Exercise programs in the country featuring cutting edge classes, techniques and methods for all fitness levels. With more than 70 group classes per week, in three group exercise studios, our classes are geared for every fitness level and group exercise interest.

All group exercise studios for North Cypress Fitness Center are located in the studio area to the rear left of the club. Printed schedules may be found at lobby desk and in the office. You can always find the daily group class schedule on our home page and also find the complete weekly group exercise class schedule for North Cypress Fitness here.

If you are new to Group Exercise or have any questions about programming or classes, please contact Dareen Lynch, our Group Fitness Director, at 985-542-3121 ext 213. Group classes schedules are subject to change without notice, please call if have any questions.

Core & Strength

Improve your core and build strength with these classes. Feel better with more stamina and lift more with new found strength.

Cardio classes aim to give you more energy in your daily life. Burn calories, reduce stress, and help your body work more efficiently.

Flow classes are great for exercising your flexibility and your mind. Reach further and feel relaxed with these group workouts.

High-Intensity Internal Training classes will give you the workout of your life time. These classes feature a higher intensity and will push you further to complete the challenge.

These classes are geared toward older adults, with all of their needs considered. Everyone needs be healthy, regardless of age.

These classes are geared toward kids and teens. We make sure these workouts are filled with fun and games they'll love. All weekday 4:30 p.m. classes at North Cypress Fitness (excluding Cardio Hip Hop) are Family Friendly variants of our classes. Our Saturday BODYPUMP class is also Family Friendly.

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