Patty Cummings

Patty Cummings


Hello, and congratulations on taking that step to become fit with us at North Cypress!

Fitness is in my blood and I am very passionate about all of my Group Fitness Classes!

Currently I am certified in Les Mills RPM, Les Mills Body Pump, Booty Barre, VIPR Loaded Movement Training & also CORE Strength.

I have found these to be just the beginning and will continue my journey into other Certifications.

As a native of Minnesota, I grew up Ice Skating on a pond behind my house and played several sports including Varsity Hockey in high school.  I have been athletic as long as I can remember and grew up watching my mom do STEP Aerobics in our family living room.  I know growing up watching my parents live healthy and active is a huge influence on that same healthy lifestyle I live today!

I have been participating in group fitness for over 12 years and that passion developed into such an addiction that I decided to become an instructor and teach what I love!

I feel it is important for club members to ask questions and become more familiar with their group classes.  Seeking advice will help improve your fitness journey and is extremely important!  We have all started at the beginning at some point and have asked these same questions!  As an instructor I love when others involve me in their fitness journey or update me on their progress.  So have no fear in approaching your instructors, we are here for YOU!  I stand by the motto, “Dig deep and push hard, to seek progress not perfection.”

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