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Did you know that muscles need protein to grow and recover?

The best time for optimal protein absorption is one hour immediately after a work out. Protein shakes are a great way to get that protein in your body and our smoothie bar has a great selection of protein supplements for you to choose from. Protein shakes can be substituted for a meal too!!

Our smoothie bar has a variety of fruits to blend to make you and your children a tasty snack.

In addition to the smoothie bar, Cypress Cafe’ also offers a wide array of supplements and other beverages.

Products offered include: protein bars, protein cookies, protein supplements (powders and meal replacements), Gatorade, Coca Cola products, bottled water, Tazo teas and juices

gift cards

When you are looking for a great way to treat someone to something special, North Cypress Fitness gift cards are available in any amount and are redeemable throughout the club. Gift cards may be customized – Spa, Personal training, Cafe, Pro Shop, and Bistro – to personalize your gift for someones’ specific interests.

It is easy to purchase a gift card. Simply visit the Cypress Cafe.

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