A cancellation is defined as a membership no longer in use. “Before Obligation” indicates the commitment date the member is obligated to complete. The membership must have been paid for a minimum of 12 months before this cancellation can be accepted.

Cancellations before obligation

The following are the only two circumstances in which a member may cancel a Standard Membership.

1. A move out of the area more than 30 miles. A proof of move must be provided clearly establishing residency greater than the 30-mile radius.

2. Permanent medical condition signed by a doctor stating the member is “physically unable to exercise”.

If the member meets one of these conditions, then the following procedures will be followed:

1. Member notifies the business office of their request to cancel. The 30 day notice starts at the first notification.

2. Business office checks the member’s file to see if the six-month minimum requirement is met and proper documentation to support the cancellation for either a move or medical reasons has been received. If these conditions are met, then the business office will require a notice of cancellation in writing by the member and inform the member of a $100.00 early exit fee. The business office will then suspend any further membership dues from being assessed. Any past balances, Café and/or Pro Shop charges will then be calculated and the member must pay these charges in full.

3. Business office processes the cancellation.

** Member not meeting the six-month minimum or the proper documentation will not be allowed to cancel their membership.

Cancellations after Obligation

“After Obligation” indicates that the member has fulfilled the 12-month obligation period on a Standard Membership.

Request made by the member after obligation

If the member wishes to cancel the membership, the following procedures must be followed:

1. Member notifies the business office or membership office of request to cancel “in person”. The 30-day notice starts at the first notification.

2. The member will be asked to complete a cancellation letter in writing. The cancellation letter must be received prior to the billing cycle.

3. Business office processes the cancellation and the membership is officially closed.

Freeze in membership


A freeze in membership is defined as a period of inactivity for a member not able to use the club during a period of time not to exceed two (2) months of the year. A $25 fee will be imposed on a member wishing to use this benefit.
Freeze periods are a privilege offered only to our members after six months of membership.

Freeze before obligation

Medical and temporary work assignments are the only circumstances a member can freeze a membership before obligation. Medical freezes require a doctor’s note stating the period in which the member is physically unable to exercise. Temporary work assignments are for work, which requires the member to be away from their personal residence greater than 50 miles and for more than 30 days at a time.

Freeze after obligation

This freeze can be due to financial difficulties, medical problems, work schedules, or any other personal situation. There is a 2 month maximum freeze period per calendar year per membership. There are exceptions for medical reasons. A $25 fee will be imposed on a member wishing to use this benefit. The request for the freeze must be made prior to member’s billing cycle. .


A downgrade is defined as a removal of a member(s) from a membership. A Change fee of $25 will be imposed on any member wishing to downgrade a membership per occurrence.


An upgrade is defined as an addition of member(s) to a membership. ALL upgrades will reflect Cypress Fitness 24/7’s current rates. There are no fees associated with an upgrade. The only acceptable member(s) which can be added are: husband, wife, children (under the age of 21), and foster children (under the age of 21). The member(s) added must be living at the address listed on the membership, or is a full-time college student living at home up to age 25.

Guest Policy

Guests are welcome to join you!

∙All guests must check in at the front desk and fill out a guest form.
∙Adults ages 15 or older are charged a guest fee of $15.00 for the entire day.
∙Children under the age of 15 are charged a guest fee of $6.50 for the entire day and must be accompanied by an adult.
∙A paying guest will be entitled to use the full club for the entire day.
∙A paying in town guest is allowed 3 visits per year.
∙An adult member must accompany all guests under the age of 15.


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