Pamela Harrelson

Pamela Harrelson

Personal trainer
Personal Trainer

Pam Harrelson’s main certification for 16 years was with American Council on Exercise. She has also been certified in the past by Cooper Institute as a Nutrition Coach, under the strict umbrella of Registered Dieticians. She was also under the umbrella of a Physical Therapist Staff for 5 years.

In 25 years as a Personal Trainer, Pam has had a very diverse clientele with various goals and objectives...Pam knows the science to apply. Pam has promoted moderation in a personal exercise regime – not throwing up, passing out or crying!  Pam says, “We would all rather play than work; one is an obligation, the other is pure joy.”    

Pam’s five grandchildren enjoy year round “Captain Pam’s” hobbies. Her bright yellow party barge is kept on a river slip at the Tchefuncte.  They love paddling with her kayaks.   Biking paths are also their year round joy (even on training wheels)!

She holds you accountable but helps in those moments of perceived failure. “Starting over is always awesome,” she says!   She has knowledgeable, results oriented workouts for you to learn and look forward to.

Pam has maintained a large weight loss for 26 years. It was a very slow weight loss, which produced easier weight maintenance.  She has helped many people suffering from obesity, including numerous Bariatric patients.

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